Road map to Maximize Mobile Conversions Through Mobile App Site

Whether you’re an owner of in-store or online, both urge for more and more conversions. And if you’re a mobile app store owner, expecting more is barely fair. If you say, you already tried all possible conversion hacks, and still not getting it 100%. Then you would have possibly missed the fact that many of the users searching from mobile devices. Yes! WooCommerce Mobile conversion is what you’re missing out.

In this unstable world of transformation, the utilization of the identical technical steps cannot allow you to sustain. Bhive Technologies the iOS mobile app company in Madurai illustrates the guidelines/ checklist for mobile application.

  • Mobile Conversion:

When your website visitor takes a desirable action, while he/she drops-in via mobile devices, called mobile conversion. Simply, the mobile conversion rate is that the percentage of mobile device users from the entire number of users who saw your site.

The higher the share goes is how successful is your mobile marketing strategy. If you’ve got a strong mobile marketing strategy, you’ve got more people to convert in profit. Now once you might know that mobile conversion could be a big part, so do WooCommerce. Now just imagine, what would you call a mix of both? that’s what we are guiding you for.

  • A guide to maximize mobile conversion rate:
  1. Rapids mobile site:It’s no more a secret, that quite 30% of users won’t wait three seconds for a site to load. it might be better to specialize in the beginning Render Time (time that something takes to seem first visual change) for fast mobile conversion.
    1. How to do that?
      1. Consider the theme and mobile design.
      2. Support the simplest Google method to reinforce website speed.
  • Enter URL in Google’s mobile page speed checker.
  1. Set up caching plugin and system.
  2. Image optimization.
  3. Consider the content delivery network.


  1. Use mobile responsive WordPress theme Use a custom WordPress theme, to optimize your site speed. Remember that always choose the theme that matches best to your screen size.
    1. How to do that?

      1. Analyze the theme demo on any mobile device, as obviously for each user you can’t analyze along with your device. After you check your website for every device, only then you examine whether it’s cutting for any drive or not.
      2. Find out the mobile responsive features of your site. It mostly depends on responsive design.
  • Execute the theme-demo through Google mobile-friendly testing tool.
  1. While selecting the theme check for rating, reviews, and comments.
  2. Look for, if the theme is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce and the way it works for mobile devices.
  1. Improved website design for mobile devicesThe primary impression is often important. And if you think that, enrich your site design today with Bhive Technologies the leading mobile application developers in Madurai. A recent survey on website design states that 94% of users’ first impression relates to your website design.
  2. How to do that?

    1. Check for a way your site design processes on mobile devices.
    2. Compute the user’s flow to test if the users are becoming appropriate information from your site design.


  1. Ease to use for mobile devices

If your website is difficult to handle, then you may cost it along with your sale and drawing conversion rate. Follow the quantity of tips which will facilitate you to form your site easy to travel.

The number of tips:

Improve on-site search via adding live search, filters, and indexing.

Easy product comparison. we recommend you employ the “Product Compare Plugin” of WooCommerce.

Improve site navigation so customers can filter by attributes like size selector, swathes.


  1. Use video content

Visuals are stronger to memory than the anyother thing. Especially if you’re using videos, then profit is on your way. Especially in mobile conversion, videos are the simplest form to show your products, as 90% of consumers like to look at videos on mobile devices.

Why use video?

79% of buyers prefer videos rather than reading the data when it involves products.

84% of buyers buy a product after seeing videos.

  1. Enhance the checkout processRegardless of what they need – customers drop-in & the checkout process matters the most for everybody. Most of the time, when mobile users search, they’re quite in a hurry. In such time, if they’re buying something a rapid and simple checkout process is what they demand.
    1. How to do it?

      1. Decrease the various step process, try one step checkout.
      2. Include progress bar and sign to display the method.
  • Add guest check for any purchase without register and save the specification.
  1. Focus on push notification and SMS- From 75% of received mobile text messages, almost 45% of the theme higher the response rate. So, it will be said both push notification and SMS are proven to extend conversion.
  2. And if you would like to increase mobile conversion, don’t forget to blend during this major aspect. SMS(s) is a simple glimpse instead of emails. you’ll be able to encourage them to opt into emails.
  1. Simplify the mobile menu

Small screens with giant menus can create complications. So, you don’t want to confuse your customers, add some symbols like arrows, and following bars.

  1. Menus to use:
  • Hamburger menu- The vertical three lines (head of every other) that hide the complete menu into it. this can be the most effective option for those websites that have several pages to point out.
  • Tab menu- Looks the identical as common desktop navigation and general list menu items and is employed for websites with fewer links. With this menu, visitors don’t must scroll up-down or left-right.
  • Floating action menu- FAB performs both primary and most typical action on site. It appears before of the screen content. Typically, the form of this menu is circular.
  • Dropdown menu- The menu stays at the highest of the page and drops down only if it’s clicked. As compared to the hamburger menu, it takes extra space but can easily be seen by the users.

So, the next time when you think about mobile conversions – follow the above guidelines; or simply take to the expert from Bhive Technologies the  flutter mobile app development company in Madurai, to ease the process and rest assured to increase your mobile conversions.

Top Reasons Why Users Don’t Trust Your Website

Today there exist websites everywhere and for almost everyone, Are all of them trustworthy?

Some are scam sites seeking to urge your private information and misuses them. For legitimate sites including those belonging to businesses, it’s important that visitors trust them. People trust websites while enter to browse, read, or buy. People will avoid sites which look fake; Bhive Technologies the web development company in Madurai explains what makes users distrust websites.

  1. No SSL Encryption:


Most people don’t want their private information to be publicized. Encryption is essential to the protection of user data but also indicates that you just look after web security. Current browsers raise the alarm if the website has out-of-date SSL certificates. Google Chrome tags pages as unsafe which lack encryption in submission forms.

  1. Unprofessional Web Design:


Poor web design shows that you just don’t seem to be serious about your business similarly because the image of the business publicly. Confirm the color scheme is correct, the web site is uncluttered and simple to navigate. An honest professional web design may cost some money but is well definitely worth the investment. On the other hand, you can hire Bhive Technologies the web design company in Madurai where web designing is affordable.

  1. Low Quality Content:


First impressions matter. If your information is of little value and/or the positioning isn’t updated regularly people are likely to classify your site as untrustworthy. As they assert content is king. Spending time, money, and energy in producing high-quality content pays off within the long term. Either use your inhouse writers if you’ve got them or outsource the task to experts.

  1. No Call To Action:


A genuine website will have a prominent ‘Call to Action’ button which visitors can easily locate. If there’s no ‘Call To Action’ button or it’s difficult to seek out one, then likelihood is the positioning could be a fake one.

  1. No Trust-mark:

Trust-marks are often for privacy and security purposes. They’ll even be there for members of certain associations. Having them shows that the relevant website adheres to certain standards. Not having them sends the message that your quality is low otherwise you don’t take care of quality standards.

  1. Too Many Ads:


Ads could also be required for monetization purposes. But if there are excessive ads the web site will look cluttered and difficult to navigate. The message comes across as you care more about revenues than serving the purchasers.

  1. Non-Existence of Social Media:

No presence of the web site in social media comes across because the site owners have something to cover. Alternatively, the entity doesn’t want to interact with visitors.

  1. No Blog:

If the website has no blog or relatively few blog posts it raises a red flag. Ensure you post blogs regularly. If you’ve have not updated blogs for an exceedingly longer period while people might imagine the website has been abandoned. Blogging makes you an agency and potential customers trust agencies.

Other reasons to distrust websites are missing contact information, the absence of a physical address, skimpy or absence of ‘About Us’ page, no customer reviews, no pictures and videos of the staff and owners. Talk to Bhive Technologies the web designing and development company in Madurai for website development, designing or revamping, so your website gets the needed attention.


Web Design vs. Web Development in a Nutshell

In essence, web design refers to both the aesthetic portion of the web site and it’s usability. Web designers use various design programs like Adobe Photoshop to form the layout and other visual elements of the web site.

Web Developers on the opposite hand, take an internet site design and really make a functioning website from it. Web developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages to awaken life’s look files.

Web Design – a more in-depth Look

Web designers should always begin by considering a client’s website objectives so move to an Information Architecture (IA) to line a website’s information hierarchy and help guide the look process. Next, web designers can start creating wireframes and eventually move to the look stage. Web designers may use several basic design principles to attain an aesthetically pleasing layout which also offers excellent user experience.

Design Principles

Balance – It’s important for web designers to make a balanced layout. Bhive Technologies the best web designers in Madurai consult with clients for their objective and balance out on the colors between heavy (large and dark colors) and lightweight (small and lighter colors) elements. Using the right proportion of every is critical to achieving a balanced website design.

Contrast – In color theory, contrasting colors are ones placed opposite each other on the colour wheel (see also complementary colors). Web design offers some other areas where contrast is applicable. Designers have a look at contrasting sizes, textures and shapes to define and draw attention to certain sections of the web site.

Emphasis – We touched on this a touch when discussing contrast. Emphasis may be a design principle founded within the intentional “highlighting” of certain important elements of the web site layout. It’s important to notice that if you emphasize everything on the page you finish up emphasizing nothing

Consistency – Also called repetition or rhythm, consistency may be a critical web design principle. As an example, clean and consistent navigation provides the simplest user experience for your website visitors.

Unity – Unity is that the relationship between the varied parts of the web site layout and also the composition as a full. Based within the Gestalt theory, unity deals with how the human brain visually organizes information by grouping elements into categories.

If you ever needed a bit help getting those creative juices flowing, try these 80 creative challenges. they’re both helpful and fun to try and do and you’ll be amazed at how they assist spark new ideas.

Web Development – a better Look

Web developers, sometimes called programmers, take the look created and build a totally functioning website. to place it (very) simply, think about the look as a non-interactive “picture” of an internet site. Developers take that style and break it up into it’s components. They then either use just HTML or a more dynamic approach incorporating programming languages like PHP to develop the varied website pages. More advanced web developers like Bhive Technologies, the leading web development agency in Madurai prefer to utilize Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla so as to streamline development and permit clients a straightforward thanks to maintain and update their website.

Web developers may convert a static layout into a dynamic website by using image and content sliders, active states for links and buttons, and other interactive elements.


Small- and medium-sized companies searching for a web designing and development company in Madurai are also confused by the blurred lines surrounding the terms “Web Design” and “Web Development.”, Bhive Technologies is your saviour in those times. Although there are individuals that are able to do both, many companies have dedicated designers which create the web site layout and so hand the planning files over to a programmer who completes the event stage.

Top Considerations for choosing an internet site Builder

Custom Domain and Branding – Your website deserves a singular domain. a website from the web design company in Madurai is solely the address of your website. consider a site like house number employed by the post office to locate you. you wish your domain (aka URL) to be unique and memorable. ensure your website builder allows for this and doesn’t cause you to use an extension of their URL.

Content Ownership – you wish to possess your content. Which will seem simple, but some platforms control your data.

Available Design Templates – Some website builders will offer beautiful templates that are modern in both appearance and functionality.

Functionality Options – give some thought to the aim of the web site from the best web design services in Madurai before you hit that buy button. Does one need e-commerce, podcast support, video integration, forum management, or lead generation? confirm your chosen website builder supports the functionality you wish and possibly want down the road.

Ease of Use – Websites should be kept fresh and function living documents. For this to be the case, they need to be easy to use and supply a WYSIWYG style editor. WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get.

Lead Generation Opportunities – a decent website will produce positive results for its owners. In many cases, this suggests lead generation. Not all website builders will make this easy, so consider the software and its ability to quickly add, edit, or customize intake forms.

Customization Availability – In many cases, the off-the-shelf templates won’t be an ideal acceptable website. you would possibly must customize the colours or layout slightly. Review your website software’s options and confirm you’ve got the power to edit the planning and layout PRN.

Multimedia Support – We sleep in a multimedia world. People expect written content, videos, images, and audio files. a high quality software package will offer all of those and permit you to feature such files effortlessly.

Search Engine Optimization – If you build it they’re going to come. Well not exactly. you would like some quality SEO for your website to rank and produce in search traffic. ensure your software has really strong SEO features as a part of the core software or allows you to feature on features via an extension.

Mobile Responsiveness – In 2017 Google is moving to a mobile first index and it’s doing so because it sees more searches on mobile devices than on desktop computers. you would like to create sure your website is prepared for this new world of mobile and voice based search.

Speed and Performance – Because mobile may be a must have feature, speed and performance are too. Your website should load fast and not chew through plenty of mobile data.

Cost – the value of website builders and hosted website software will vary from $5 per month to $100 per month. Know your full cost structure by staring at all the choices carefully.

Technical Support – At some point you’ll need technical support. it’s software in spite of everything and software will be picky sometimes. try the software and/or hosting company’s technical support options and ensure someone has your back do you have to need them.

Analytics and Visitor Tracking – Data is a vital part of marketing. a high quality website builder will allow you to feature Google Analytics code to your website. Don’t accept any software that lacks this selection. Google Analytics is free and will be employed by every website owner.

Import and Export Options – Relationships ebb and flow and this includes website software and hosting. The website design company in Madurai ensures your builder allows you to export your content if needed. this may make calling it off and upgrading much easier.


Interactive web development through motion UI

So, how do small business owners can bring more customers to their website? Because of technological advancement, the great web design company in madurai services are now available to create sure that your site is up to allure an unlimited group of holiday makers.


Motion User Interfaces create small yet powerful animations and transitions which are able to help to catch viewer’s attention, boosting your website appearance, and enrich their overall user experience. it’ll differentiate your website design with a minimalistic approach by providing a sublime interface. And if you are doing proper implementation, it can do wonders on your business conversion rate. Interactive Motion UI won’t only make your website stand out, but it also enhances user engagement by encouraging user interaction and improving website usability which is important for your growing business.


Responsive, mobile friendly web development


With significant rise within the figure of smartphone users, it becomes more important for the companies, especially for startups to style websites that they perform equally well on mobile phones. Google also looks to encourage mobile-friendly attributes to rank websites. So having a responsive website could be a must-have then do invest your efforts with a prominent & best web design services in Madurai who can make sure that users surfing the web site on a smartphone get the identical experience as they’d on a desktop.


Since a complete of 56% of programme queries seem to be done on a smartphone, your website must be optimized for mobile devices. As atiny low business entrepreneur you look to capture a greater proportion of audiences in your niches, making your website more attentive to a wider range of devices and continuing with you with the growing demand of markets. As every second search request is likely made by the mobile user; put extra effort into polishing business products and make it convenient for users in two both desktop and mobile. There are 3 options to unravel the matter. Develop either mobile-first website and adapt it to desktop, or create a mobile-friendly website that appears well on mobile screen and desktop, or invest in responsive web design (RWD). In 2020, mobile first web development is probably going to realize significant attention.


Voice search


So much of people’s lives is spent on the go and with the smartphones has evolved the flexibility to look and questions answered at any time during a convenient way increases the demand for voice search optimization. If your business strategy hasn’t thought of incorporating voice search, 2020 is going to be the year it’s forced to with the number one website design company in Madurai.


As Google My Business has become essential for all local businesses, having an inventory with options to spot opening times, address and signaling can all tend in answers to voice queries that are visiting to help businesses generate offline leads. it’s expected that quite 1/2 all smart devices will hear users and execute commands given by voice. As you likely know, voice search optimization leading to great programme rankings facilitate your funnel more qualified traffic to your website. Since more users depend upon voice technology to seek out what they’re trying to find online, working with a widely known web development company in Madurai can facilitate your getting the foremost from voice search.