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Ecommerce Mobile app

Set the right pace with Strategy, Design & Networking
We provide E-commerce solutions that help businesses scale fast. it is a simple plug and play E-commerce website developed on PHP, WordPress or a dynamic website with multiple portals to be developed on advanced technology. we provide technology and strategic services for brands and businesses trying to find a seamless solution to interact with your audience, increase conversions and uplift brand awareness. This gives your business an end-to-end solution, distribute content and connects with your customers.

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OLX Clone

Develop custom clone of a famous website and unlock its magical benefits.
We all see many renowned web giants who are ruling market with their different and unique ideas to a different niche audience. Thereby we create the opportunity to our clients to build a website by following someone who are already leading the market & implement their own ideas into it. We provide effective services of website cloning by which entrepreneurs can imply their ideas into the existing famous website ideas which our expert team of web designers will develop & customize the clone website that guides you to succeed at your business.

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Employee Task assigning Mobile app

Productive, Effective and a Smart Workplace.
Oversee the performance of your team from your desktop from your phones as well. Use the Employee Workflow Tracker to record log in & log out details and use it to assign daily task while it tracks the employee’s performance. Simplify your company’s workflow by tracking employee’s attendance, breaks, daily tasks, travel records, performance and report.

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Vehicle Fleet Management

Automate maintenance & Track every detail about your vehicles
Digimade provides a fleet management solution which can be accessed by unlimited users. It offers detailed daily logs to track drivers, hours worked, and the distance travelled by vehicles. It also allows you to track vehicles and location history, to generate and download inspection reports. Can also manage fuel consumption, depreciation, FC’s & insurance.

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Online Exam

Manage & Automate Exams online
Our exam builder is simple and easy to use. For students as well as for the administrators. Everybody has to keep learning to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing world. With our online test software, you can conduct exam to test their knowledge. With our online exam builder, it's easy to access, fully responsive & user friendly.

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Virtual coaching

Live Tutorials & Interactive Sessions b/w students and Teacher.
Digimade gives a virtual learning experience to your students by streaming classroom sessions directly to devices. They provide Host interactive live sessions for students and users by integrating live interactive streaming. Creating an opportunity for students to engage with staff and professors through real-time chat can sort any type of doubts right at any time and date. Going global is another way to reach geographical students within the app through video or voice calls to make the coaching more effective.

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Warehouse Management

Ware house management helps control and manage the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. It guides inventory receiving and put-away, optimizes picking and shipping of orders and advises on inventory replenishment. Our warehouse management system is a web based application, flexibility, disaster recovery, scalability, and security. It also offers users the ability to receive automatic updates, providing better technology competitiveness.

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Restaurant and Food Delivery App

User-friendly online food ordering with food delivery which is easy for the users to order their favorite dish from the registered restaurants and receive it at their doorsteps.

Restaurant clone script, any one can start their own business with minimum cost. Available with Customer, and Delivery panel

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