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1. Easy Signup & Login

Users detest spending plenty of your time filling in their information to begin using the app.

2. Super Easy Login

This feature allows returning features to log in quickly.

3. One-Step Registration

A streamlined signup process simplifies the users’ registration process, enabling them to signup/login to the app via sign and email with OTP or external accounts like Google or Facebook.

4. In-Store Features

Nowadays, users prefer that the app offer them an in-store experience; hence consider integrating things like barcode search, checking stock during a local store, sending alerts when users are within a selected range of the shop, and offering local & personalized offers.

5. Payment Modes

In the eCommerce space, people nowadays favour different payment modes and choose one as their convenience.

6. AI Voice Assistant

Voice Shopping using computing may be a good way to supply users with a much better consumer experience.

7. pushcart

It is a vital feature for online shopping because it facilitates purchasing a product/service.

8. Use Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality may be a brilliant way of presenting your product to customers in an exceedingly real context.

9. Product Gallery

A product page must have a correct product gallery, including quite a few images of the products.

10. Product Descriptions

When looking to buy a product, users have an interest in additional than the product’s images; they require an in-depth product description.

11. Product Filtering & Sorting

When an internet store offers many products, it effectively implements functional sorting & filtering options.

12. Membership Options

Offering your customers a membership program immensely boosts customer loyalty.

13. Secure Payment

The in-app payment option has become an essential feature for online stores.

14. Order Summary

Using this feature, your customers can check whether their order includes all the things they’re willing to shop for.

15. Shipping Options

This functionality allows app users to decide on available shipping options and displays the costs for every option and therefore the estimated delivery time for every option.

16. Add Company Data And Order An Invoice

When customers are offered the choice to enter their company data and acquire an invoice quickly, it builds brand loyalty and provides an excellent checkout experience for a selected segment of shoppers.

17. Online Returns

To make the return process smooth to deliver an excellent online shopping experience to your customers.

18. Loyalty Points

Many online businesses offer their customers to put in an app and use it anytime they purchase at the net store.

19. Personalized Product Recommendations

This functionality allows users to simply access products that suit their preferences, quickly completing the acquisition.

20. Wishlist

Everyone engaging in online shopping loves the thought of Wishlist because it allows them to mark their favourite items without adding them to the handcart.

21. Item Availability Reminder

Several online stores allow users to be notified of a product they’re keen on buying but don’t seem to be available.

22. Check Product Availability, particularly Locations

This feature allows customers to test the supply of an item in an exceedingly specific location.

23. A variety Of Products Users Have Seen/Left On the merchandise List

Most eCommerce stores offer an unlimited range of products.

24. Shipping Status

By tracking their shipping status, customers can estimate their order’s arrival date and time.

25. Flash Sales & Discounts

Sales and discounts are great ways to drive customers to your online stores, and within the case of the eCommerce app store, it’s easy to notify customers about upcoming promotions, events, attractive discounts, and sales.

26. Swift Checkout

Today, almost everyone likes to shop online, and users highly appreciate making quick and straightforward transactions on the app.

27. Offline Functionality

This functionality offers an efficient thanks to increasing sales and boosting customer experience.

28. Alerts/Push Notifications

Push Notifications are how to alert your customers about new products/services, personalized marketing campaigns, flash sales, and discount offers.

29. quick access To Customer Service

Online brands have to ensure accessible customer service access.

30. Ratings & Reviews

In the case of an internet store, what helps to make trust towards your brand is the opinions of other users, and this is often why online stores allow users to rate their experience with the shop, with the products they purchased and share their experience in reviews.

31. Barcode Scanner

When the app is integrated with barcode scanner functionality, because the customer shops at the physical outlet of a web store, they will quickly scan a barcode to explore more of a few products.

32. Integration With a web Store

This is an excellent thanks to enhancing the users’ shopping experience together with your brand.

33. Personalized Content

Personalization can make a giant difference in user engagement.

34. Fewer Clicks

Today, the trend is ‘the lesser, the higher as everyone has become one click, one tap, and one touch, which comes naturally to mobile apps.

35. App Reviews

User reviews are an excellent marketing tool because it allows the apps to trace user experience and make necessary improvements to the app.

36. Advanced Search Capability

An e-commerce app usually has an intensive catalogue.

37. WaitList

This functionality allows users to feature and save products on the waitlist so that they can purchase them shortly.

38. Progress Bar

Progress Bar functionality allows users to anticipate the number of steps to be taken before making the acquisition.

39. Custom Branding

A custom branding logo with specific colours and visual coordination makes the app look appealing and offers an aesthetic look.

40. Social Media Integration

This feature allows app users to simply register and share the purchased products’ details.

41. Google Analytics

Measure the app’s full potential by integrating this functionality.

42. Synchronization

It is often pretty exhausting for the developers to match the app with the brand’s website, and here synchronization helps greatly, saving lots of your time and energy.

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Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Bhive Technologies is the most effective web & Mobile App Company in Chennai, India provides the simplest E-commerce App Development. We cater to any or all mobile app development needs. Below are the kinds of mobile apps we provide.

1. Native Apps

Overview: The native applications are developed for a selected kind of device platform or operating system like IOS or Android employing a particular coding language. because it tends to optimize the user experience, the native platform may be helpful and work more swiftly and naturally because it was created exclusively for the platform.

Native Apps are designed expressly for a given OS to leverage the available features available on the devices that run that package. As a result, native programs cannot run on multiple operating systems. to place it in our way, you can’t use iOS apps on Android phones and contrariwise. Because they’re designed for a specific OS, the programming languages they write are specialized. For iOS apps, Xcode and Objective-C are commonly utilized, while Eclipse and Java are widely used for Android apps. Native apps are designed to require advantage of the phone’s features and tools, like contacts, cameras, and sensors.

Native apps provide a high-performance and chic user experience because they’re built using the native device UI. Native apps are found within the app shops for every OS. for instance, native Android apps are found on the Google Play Store, iOS apps on the App Store, and Windows apps on the Microsoft Store, among other places.

Example Of Native Apps


2. Web Apps/PWA

Responsive websites change to a unique design when accessed from a mobile device. Adaptive web apps, on the opposite hand, scale to match the assorted screen sizes of mobile devices. The interface of those apps doesn’t always change. Web apps are developed with the foremost common programming languages but can’t be used on mobile devices or sold in app stores. Web applications are software programs that run on mobile devices in the same way as native mobile applications do. To use the app, you don’t need any space for storing or travelling through an installation process. Mobile web apps readily adapt to different screen sizes and devices. Because both native and web apps have nearly identical features and responsive nature, the responsiveness and functionality of web apps could easily be fooled thereupon by a native app. a large range of differences will be found between native and online programs.

Example Of Web Apps/PWA

Google Office Suite
Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) must be installed on your computer and saved files on your drive. Microsoft Office, like Google Workspace, has become a tremendously popular online suite of tools, featuring web versions for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Users may securely work on shared files online, and collaborative tools like Teams are now included within the package, making collaboration simple.

3. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps hold the benefits of both native apps and mobile apps. it’s built using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, running on mobile WebView. However, it can still use the advantages of devise features like vibration, capture, GPS, camera, microphone, geolocation, address book, etc. Internet connection could be a must since they download content from a server hosted by an external source. Hybrid applications, like native apps, are produced on one platform and distributed across several app stores like Google Play or Apple’s app store. When one decides to make apps that don’t require high-performance or complete device access, hybrid apps are the thanks to going.

Example Of Hybrid Apps



Native, Hybrid, and Web apps are all built on the inspiration of some benefits and flaws. Mobile Application Development Company in Chennai supports business demands, one has to take a final call regarding the sort of app that may align together with your predefined goals. If, as a business functioning within the modern business landscape, you don’t provide the new user-friendly features that your clients want, your competitors surely will.

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mobile app development company in chennai
How AI Will Transform Mobile App Development

The process of Mobile Application Development Company In Chennai is heading towards a revolutionary path. Computer science (AI) is slowly but surely influencing the business. Many apps are being made with inventive and user-centric AI features in mind. It is categorized because of the crux of the significant transformation that the technology sphere will witness within the coming years.

Apps built on AI will offer a personalized experience to the users. By wishing on the inbuilt technology, the developers can get away from the user’s preferences. It can ultimately help them offer personalized recommendations through the app. In a nutshell, AI recognizes the importance of human behaviour in app development.

Acting because of the personalization tool, AI accumulates in-depth insights supported by user searches, preferences, buying habits, etc. It’ll enrich both front-end and back-end app experiences, making them more personal because it teaches machines to process information like a human brain.

These apps pay close attention to the behaviour of the users. Supported the knowledge on the identical, they align products as per the user’s preferences. My Starbucks app within the food and beverage industry could be a perfect example of a similar. Other samples of intelligent apps include Barista, Amazon Go, and Taco Bot apps.

AI further broadens the scope, making it easier for app developers. They’ll effectively make use of the flexibility offered by AI. By deploying innovative code, they will revolutionize the way data is gathered and accessed by mobile users.

The following are several AI-based inventions that have found their thanks in the sphere of Mobile App Development Services In Chennai.

Face Detection

A prominent feature of security and tracking-based apps, face detection, helps you secure confidential data and apps that contain data with vital information. It’s a technology that detects an individual’s face during a digital image or video format. It’s widely popular and serves a greater purpose for many security apps.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots act as a good channel between businesses and customers, a new, evolved face of customer services. It’s gained immense popularity recently and is a conversational experience provider that strives to enhance query response with each conversation.

Image and Voice Recognition

If it were not for the appearance of AI and machine learning, online search via voice and pictures would have remained an overseas possibility. This streamlined process has proved to be an asset for the users. It’s prompted several businesses to integrate voice recognition, app localization, and image recognition, thereby increasing user experience and business conversion rate.

Strong App Authentication

Strong app authentication helps form an impenetrable security shield that protects your apps and online services from the dark web. It can be of absolute importance in these times when more and more data goes online. These apps analyze user behaviour alongside alerting the customer of impending threats and breaches.

Landmark Detection

Image recognition technology is fast gaining momentum nowadays. It puts concentrates on instance-level and fine-grained recognition issues. It improves image analysis, security, and self-learning with every use case.

AI isn’t merely a piece tool. It’s evolved into plenty more. With our homes transforming into smart homes, it’s penetrated our lives further. It can deliver the required impact with the tiniest of hints and suggestions.

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Why is Writing Website Content so Hard?

There are loads of reasons for project delays, but over the years I’ve noticed content is that the most prominent and it just about maybe boiled all the way down to some simple reasons:

Time Constraints – Good content takes time to plan, write and edit. All of the businesses have employees with real “jobs”. The website project is secondary and their real jobs (that usher intangible revenue) should come first. Hence, contact Bhive Technologies one of the best web development companies in Madurai, Chennai to develop an outstanding website with PhD level content. Once they surpass my acceptable limit for tardiness, I become the work wife and that I begin to nag them frequently. similar to your real wife, I do that for your good.

Unrealistic Expectations – repeatedly people set unrealistic expectations for themselves. They think generating content for a complete website will take some hours when it takes some weeks. This incorrect assumption creates frustration and therefore the frustration creates procrastination.

Lack of a concept – Sitting at your computer without inspiration is futile. Website content doesn’t just materialize. you’ve got to own some sort of outline. It’s important to plan what you would like to put in writing, why you wish to put in writing it, and who you’re writing it for. Once you answer the what, why, and who the content starts to create and it’s simply a matter of cleaning up your thoughts. Simply contact the web development company in Madurai, Chennai and concentrate on your business operations, while we take care of your website content.

Mismatched Assignment – within the case of my automotive supplier above, they assigned the task of writing a web page to an employee who knew little about the content itself. Since he had limited knowledge, he was constantly at a standstill. the worker finally raised the flag of surrender and clearly stated he couldn’t articulate the topic well because he had very limited knowledge of it. the corporate reassigned this a part of the content and therefore the new author produced the pages.

Inability to put in writing – Some people create choppy text that doesn’t make any sense. They piece together sentences from old brochures that are mismatched or they write down random thoughts in their head that don’t tie together and form a cohesive online page. Not everyone seems to be good at writing and jumbled thoughts are the primary sign of this deficiency.

The PhD Factor – during a former life I reported to a PHD of astrophysics who wrote website content that only a fellow PhD could read and digest. Dumbing down his content was the primary task in making the corporate website into a lead generation tool. Whenever he would write website content, I might force him to “dumb down” the words so I could realize it. This forced him into restating his thoughts into verbiage the typical person could understand. This isn’t about offending your website visitor, it’s about ensuring the typical visitor can are aware of it. I’m a sensible cookie, but I’m not astrophysics smart.

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Why Flutter for Mobile App Development?

With mobile apps becoming such an integral part of our lives, the quantity of apps launched on Android has exceeded the 100 thousand per month mark, additionally to 30,000+ iOS releases. Many businesses have a chance to make an application as development services became accessible even to small companies, but an awesome number of apps still fail. Among other things, your choice of technology is a vital success factor. Choosing a language or framework with poor performance might drastically reduce your chances of fulfilment.

1. Cross-platform App Development

If you’re unaccustomed to app development, you may be overwhelmed with information about a way to create an Android application or launch an iOS app. So why not develop for iOS and Android at an identical time? With Flutter, you gain access to simple cross-platform mobile app development tools designed to save lots of your time and reduce the headaches typically related to developing two apps simultaneously. With one codebase for both platforms, your job is far easier.

We at Bhive Technologies the iOS app development company in Madurai, Chennai develop powerful eCommerce solutions that deliver impactful results

2. It’s Fast, Fast, Fast

When it involves mobile app development, speed is that the name of the sport. For developers, here’s how Flutter hits the mark: Any changes within the code are immediately visible within the app. Flutter calls this “hot reload” and defines it as follows: Flutter’s hot reload feature helps you quickly and simply experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs.

Hot reload works by injecting updated ASCII text file files into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM). After the VM updates classes with the new versions of fields and functions, the Flutter framework automatically rebuilds the widget tree, allowing you to quickly view the results of your changes. Taking this one step further, consider what proportion it helps the developer-designer relationship. as an example, your designer can prompt your Flutter engineer to create changes, like “move five pixels to the left.” From there, the update is instantly available, thus allowing the designer to instantly determine if it’s the proper look.

3. Support for Older Devices

It’s a serious concern of all developers, especially as updated operating systems are regularly pushed by bent users. With Flutter, your app will appear identical, whether or not it’s running on older versions of Android and iOS. this can be an enormous deal for several reasons:

It saves developers time (and headaches).

It reduces costs.

It ensures a top-notch user experience (which is that the primary goal).

And with Flutter, there are not any add-on costs for supporting older operating systems.

4. Top-notch user experience

Flutter app development is about using ready-made widgets to form applications. Compared to other common approaches like layouts, views, or controllers, Flutter’s widget technique allows for an even object model and a simple to use developing process. From button to font, everything you touch may be a widget in Flutter development, whereas widgets may be combined to constitute more complex layouts.

Flutter app developers gain access to a good selection of widgets that may be reused and customised to form exquisite user interfaces. However, Flutter’s widgets are organized in trees, which is why it’s imperative to plan if you’re building an outsized app.

5. Cost efficiency
Building one codebase rather than two is an understandable advantage. Money is going to be saved thanks to a shortened development cycle, fewer developers, still as reduced complexity. As a result, you’ll be releasing two apps for Android and iOS faster and on a smaller budget.

Planning to develop an App?
Share your idea and that we will contact you within 24 hours.

6. Google guaranteed

Apps made with Flutter are guaranteed years-long support from Google because the company uses the technology itself. you’ll be able to make certain that Google will still fix bugs, release new versions, and contribute to the technology the maximum amount as they’ll. Flutter app development is involved in many Google projects like Google Fuchsia, which is proof that Flutter are around for a protracted time.

7. Flutter 2

Flutter 2 is that the redo that encompasses the transformation from purely mobile app development technology to complete platform independence. Now Flutter is accustomed run apps on Linux, Windows, and macOS, besides Android and iOS. Moreover, the Flutter team is functioning on expanding the technology to IoT and wearables, like smart home appliances.

8. Elevated performance

Even at the iOS Summit back in 2017, Flutter showed higher performance compared to Xamarin and React Native:

01 Flutter vs Xamarin: Flutter showed 58fps and a 220 ms launch time whereas Xamarin came with 53fps and 345 ms.
02 Flutter vs React Native: React Native performed with 57fps and 229 ms next to 58fps and 220ms that Flutter showed.
fps = frames per second (frame rate or frame frequency)
ms = millisecond (0,001 second)

These days, Flutter has enhanced the metrics and now it demonstrates the speed improvement to 61 ms.

9. Great MVP builder

MVPs became the must-have for each startup as they’ll facilitate your to validate your idea and obtain the initial funding for your project. MVPs are small, basic app versions with essential features that are easy to make and launch. They exist to check the concept and collect the primary feedback to form a higher app within the next iteration. Without an MVP, companies have a troublesome time finding investors and should enter development blindly. Flutter app development could be a great choice for an MVP because the SDK is extensive, easy to grasp and learn, and delivers excellent apps.

If you’d wish to find out how to make an app from scratch and make it successful, receive a consultation, and learn more about our Flutter development services, contact Bhive Technologies the flutter mobile app development company in Madurai, Chennai provides the best mobile application development in Madurai, Chennai.