Streamline your Field Manager client appointment with expense and live datas.

  • Our system verifies clock-ins and outs through device fingerprint or PIN for enhanced security.
  • It also features client visit logging with photo and location details for accurate tracking. With dynamic access control, manage portal permissions effortlessly.
  • Monitor your team in real-time using GPS location, and get a comprehensive view of their movements with card and timeline options.
  • Our system diligently records employee activities, including client visits and travel modes (walking, in-vehicle, stationary), ensuring detailed reporting.
  • Look forward to Excel report generation for attendance and timelines, as well as an in-built chat system for team communication without the need for external plugins.
  • Enhanced security measures include automatic device verification upon login to prevent forgery, alongside a user-friendly dark mode for reduced eye strain.
  • Upcoming updates include Firebase push notifications for instant alerts.
  • Efficiently handle team, schedule, employee, expense, and leave management all within one integrated platform.

Admin Panel Features

Live Location

Track employees in real-time with Google Maps integration.

Timeline View

View employee movements and activities throughout the day on a map, tracking status updates like Wi-Fi connectivity and battery life.

Card View

Monitor real-time device statuses including battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Formulate teams as needed, assigning employees for streamlined management and communication.

Leave Management

Customize leave types with optional image attachments for requests. Approve or reject leave requests, integrating them into attendance reports and payroll.

Dynamic Access Control

Customize access permissions with granular control over admin panel functionalities.


Tailor work schedules to your needs, including days off and working hours.

Team Management

Organize employees into teams for better collaboration and communication.

Employee Profiles

Manage employee profiles by creating, editing, or assigning them to specific teams and schedules.

Team Chat

Enable real-time communication within teams directly from the admin panel.

Attendance Management

Automate attendance reporting and payroll with predefined public holidays. Enhance security with fingerprint or PIN-based attendance verification.

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