Top Reasons Why Users Don’t Trust Your Website
Today there exist websites everywhere and for almost everyone, Are all of them trustworthy? Some are scam sites seeking to urge your private information and misuses them. For legitimate sites including those belonging to businesses, it’s important that visitors trust them. People trust websites while enter to browse, read, or buy. People will avoid sites which look fake; Bhive Technologies the web development company in Madurai explains what makes users distrust websites. No SSL Encryption:   Most people don’t want their private information to be publicized. Encryption is essential to the protection of user data but also indicates that you just look after web security. Current browsers raise the alarm if
Road map to Maximize Mobile Conversions Through Mobile App Site
Whether you’re an owner of in-store or online, both urge for more and more conversions. And if you’re a mobile app store owner, expecting more is barely fair. If you say, you already tried all possible conversion hacks, and still not getting it 100%. Then you would have possibly missed the fact that many of the users searching from mobile devices. Yes! WooCommerce Mobile conversion is what you’re missing out. In this unstable world of transformation, the utilization of the identical technical steps cannot allow you to sustain. Bhive Technologies the iOS mobile app company in Madurai illustrates the guidelines/ checklist for mobile application. Mobile Conversion: When your website visitor takes a desirable action, while he/she drops-in via mobile devices, called mobile conversion. Simply, the mobile conversion rate is that the