About Kids Tracking Activity

Kids Tracker Activity is your safety destination! “Safety is everything that is needed to protect our families and children” How do I monitor my child’s android phone?

  • Install Kids Tracker Activity, the tracker app for family,on your phone, and on kid’s mobiles which you would want to monitor and enable the options which are recommended for monitoring.
  • It’s simple as that, not only tracks their location but also each and every online activity can be tracked, without them knowing about it.
  • Now sit back and relax! Open Kids Tracker Activity to find who is chatting with your children, what calls are they receiving and what photos are they sharing, it’s not over yet…

Why Kidstracking App is Essential for Parents

The digital landscape poses various risks for children, making it crucial for parents to strike a balance between safety and privacy. Kidstracking, with its phone tracker app feature, is designed to address these concerns discreetly. Here’s why this kind of software is essential for parents:

  • Mitigating Online Risks
  • Maintaining an Open Relationship
  • Combatting Cyberbullying
  • Privacy-Preserving Surveillance

Features that makes app different!

  • 01

    SMS Tracking

    Stay in the loop with your child's digital conversations. Kids tracking activity's SMS tracking feature lets you see the messages flowing in and out, ensuring you're always aware of who's on the other side of the screen.

  • 02

    Call Records Monitoring

    No more guessing games! Kids tracking activity keeps you in sync with your child's call history. Know who they're chatting with and when – it's like having a digital call log for your peace of mind.

  • 03

    Location Tracking

    Turn every worry into a sigh of relief! Kids tracking activity's location tracking is your family's compass, providing real-time updates on your child's whereabouts. From school to playdates, you're always in the know.

  • 04

    WhatsApp Notification Tracking

    Social adventures need a friendly guide. Kids tracking activity lets you peek into your child's WhatsApp world, making sure their digital hangouts are as safe and enjoyable as their real-life ones.

  • 05

    Facebook & Instagram Notification Tracking

    Navigate the social media maze with ease! Kids tracking activity extends its watchful eye to Facebook and Instagram, ensuring your child's online playground is filled with friends and fun – minus the worries.

  • 06

    Monitor Activity

    Kids tracking activity is your family's personal watchdog for screen time. Monitor your child's app usage and digital activities, striking the perfect balance between online adventures and real-world fun.

  • 07

    Snap Pics on Victim Front Camera and Back Camera Tracking

    Capture special moments without being intrusive. Kids tracking activity 's snapshot feature lets you take pictures using both the front and back cameras of your child's device. It's like getting a sneak peek into their world – with their permission, of course!

  • 08

    Record Victim Environment

    Kids tracking activity goes the extra mile by recording your child's surroundings. It's like having ears on the ground, providing an added layer of security and awareness of their environment.

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